Three Wire Calculator : Javascript Version (A simple one)

There is now a NEW three wire calculator available to use in the Tools section!

Three Wire Calculator : Javascript

I decided to write it in javascript so it would be easier on our mobile users.

This new version calculates the Pitch Diameter and the Wire Measurement for 60 degree threads. If you wish to use it for metric threads, all values must first be converted to Inches. I had asked our users if they knew or could port to mobile devices, and received no response. Thus, I created a little calculator that fits perfectly in the hand.

I had wanted to use number inputs for the calculator, so on mobile, a number pad would rise instead of the full QWERTY keyboard. But, I’m sure for some mobile users, the decimal inputs would be invalidated as they clicked the next field (as it did me). Fixing that issue is a bit beyond my capability.

Again, this is a much simpler calculator than the original. Later I may add more words and diagrams.


Helping Rockets Fly!

Recently, we had the opportunity to help out the local high school rocketry class at R.L.Turner by repairing some needed equipment. We were proud and honored to lend a hand.

The Rocket was launched May 15th, 2015. We were told it had achieved super sonic speeds. Congrats to those students!

For more information please check out:

Here is a picture we received from one of the students.

RLTurner Rkts 2015

Click on the picture to view it in full.


Parking Lot Welding


Customer needed some safety chains welded to his trailer and a small mod to mount a jack. So we grabbed the 110v portable MIG welder and welded it all up in the parking lot in a matter of minutes, according to the customers requests. I’ve uploaded a few images of the event, Check them out in the Gallery.

Checking for concentric bores


Checking for concentric bearings in this airplane wheel hub. We zeroed in with an indicator then lowered our z axis until we made contact with the internal journal. Sadly, the two surfaces were out of alignment and the customer will have to re-seat the internal journals.

FREE Tools Downloads

If you are one of those people who have been frequenting the Tools section on our web page, I am now allowing the FREE download of the Three Wire Calculator, and Metric Converter. It may be for a limited time, or may not be, I have not decided. I have also updated the download links for the Drill Chart. If anyone has any trouble with the downloads, let me know and I will get right on it.

Please enjoy!

NEW Free Drill Chart

Drills We have now released our NEW and Free drill chart. It contains all Numbered, Fractional, and Letter sized inch drills. As well as basic Metric sizes, Tap Drill charts (Inch and Metric), Taper and Straight pipe threads, Basic Metric Threads, and even Formulas for finding drill sizes for specialty taps. Please take a look, download if you wish, have them printed (18 x 24 inch poster size,) or even hand them out to other people. The only thing we ask is that no changes are made to the chart.

I do plan on making more charts for various subjects pertaining to our line of work. So keep an eye out for anything new.

You can find the page for the chart under the Tools section or Click Here to go directly to is page.