Part Duplication

Comparison of Central Hubs

Comparison of Central Hubs

Occasionally a customer will ask us to duplicate a sample part. Most of the time the part was custom made years ago by others, or it is an item that simply cannot be ‘purchased.’ I have uploaded pictures into the Welding page, showing the finished product (Left), next to the sample part (Right). We are calling it a lift, as that is what it appears to do for this customer. The job required little machining, some rod bending, and welding with the TIG setup.

Parking Lot Welding


Customer needed some safety chains welded to his trailer and a small mod to mount a jack. So we grabbed the 110v portable MIG welder and welded it all up in the parking lot in a matter of minutes, according to the customers requests. I’ve uploaded a few images of the event, Check them out in the Gallery.

Checking for concentric bores


Checking for concentric bearings in this airplane wheel hub. We zeroed in with an indicator then lowered our z axis until we made contact with the internal journal. Sadly, the two surfaces were out of alignment and the customer will have to re-seat the internal journals.

NEW Free Drill Chart

Drills We have now released our NEW and Free drill chart. It contains all Numbered, Fractional, and Letter sized inch drills. As well as basic Metric sizes, Tap Drill charts (Inch and Metric), Taper and Straight pipe threads, Basic Metric Threads, and even Formulas for finding drill sizes for specialty taps. Please take a look, download if you wish, have them printed (18 x 24 inch poster size,) or even hand them out to other people. The only thing we ask is that no changes are made to the chart.

I do plan on making more charts for various subjects pertaining to our line of work. So keep an eye out for anything new.

You can find the page for the chart under the Tools section or Click Here to go directly to is page.