NEW Android App!

After some fiddlin’, I have managed to cobble together a 3 Wire Calculator and Feed / Speed Calculator for Android devices. Keep in mind I’m no programmer. And this is probably the best I can do. It is fresh and appears to work with the testing I have done. I do intend on adding more and updating in the future.

The App Features a 3 Wire Calculator, Feed/Speed Calculator, Corner Feed Adjustment Calculator, and Depth of Cut Adjustment Calculator. Please enjoy.

I call it Shop Tools.

Find it HERE!

Three Wire Calculator : Javascript Version (A simple one)

There is now a NEW three wire calculator available to use in the Tools section!

Three Wire Calculator : Javascript

I decided to write it in javascript so it would be easier on our mobile users.

This new version calculates the Pitch Diameter and the Wire Measurement for 60 degree threads. If you wish to use it for metric threads, all values must first be converted to Inches. I had asked our users if they knew or could port to mobile devices, and received no response. Thus, I created a little calculator that fits perfectly in the hand.

I had wanted to use number inputs for the calculator, so on mobile, a number pad would rise instead of the full QWERTY keyboard. But, I’m sure for some mobile users, the decimal inputs would be invalidated as they clicked the next field (as it did me). Fixing that issue is a bit beyond my capability.

Again, this is a much simpler calculator than the original. Later I may add more words and diagrams.