Machine Shop Webpage

Well, the site seems complete and functional. I intend on uploading more content, adding new pages, and keeping you informed with our news.

Some information about this page:

I have set up a gallery to view all the Banner images.
Credit card payments have been successfully tested through PayPal Sandbox.
Users can create an account with us to make transactions easier. (pay, comment, contact)
Registered users can even upload custom avatars.
Registered customers can view open and paid invoices.

Take A Look

Still editing

For those of you who are new…

I have only recently setup the Facebook Like button, and PayPal button. I’m sorry for those who have liked the site and ended up with a cheesy logo (as I did.) AND I’m sorry to the customers who have to hit the ‘Donate’ button to pay an invoice. Hopefully I can get some merchant services and or an SSL/HTTPS service setup to handle credit cards…